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A Detailed Guide On How To Square Lumber With A Table Saw

A Detailed Guide On How To Square Lumber With A Table Saw 1

How to square lumber with a table saw? If you are looking for the most detailed instructions, read all the shares below. You will have the perfect square lumber!

Lumber often appears in furniture projects. However, you need to pay a higher fee for those square lumber. Buying raw lumber will save a lot. You can make your square lumber with a table saw at home. So, how to square lumber with a table saw? Choosing the best table saw under 1000 dollars here

You can square lumber with a table saw easily with these steps:

  • Prepare your plank.
  • Fine adjustment of table saw.
  • Connect lumber to a push stick or push block.
  • Start square lumber with a table saw.

The shares will detail the steps to take, follow up to do better!

Tools for Square Lumber On Table Saw

A Detailed Guide On How To Square Lumber With A Table Saw

In addition to table saws and rough lumber, you need the following tools to make the job easier.

  • Markers and rulers
  • Push stick or push block
  • Table saw fence
  • Safety Wears (glasses, dust masks, etc.)
  • Electric screwdriver

Square lumber usually comes in many different sizes, depending on what you’re using it. Therefore, in many cases, you will have to cut small-sized lumber. Attaching the board to a push stick or push lock will make getting the lumber through the saw blade easier and safer.

In addition, measuring tools and markers will help you determine the exact size and location of the square lumber.

All the included tools have the most basic and necessary support functions. You should prepare them fully and gather them in one location before cutting.

Guide On How To Square Lumber With A Table Saw

If you are still wondering how to square lumber with a table saw, follow the step-by-step instructions below. All instructions are straightforward. You can do it well the first time you do it.

Prepare Your Boards

A Detailed Guide On How To Square Lumber With A Table Saw 1

For rough lumber with non-square edges, you need to square it first. The simplest way to square a board with a table saw has detailed instructions here:

Having a piece of wood that already has square edges makes it much easier to square lumber. During the whole process of square panels, you need to pay attention to the size of lumber you need.

You may use a ruler and marker to measure the size and outline the cut on the board.

Once you’ve squared aboard, you’ll need to re-measure and outline the lumber more accurately. Doing that will help you make easy cuts and have a perfect final square lumber.

To make cutting lumber easier, you should cut the length of the board to match the length of the lumber. That way, you won’t have to work with long and heavy boards.

Fine Adjustment Table Saw

Table saws play an essential role in lumber making, especially saw blades and fences. You need to adjust both of these devices in a suitable position.

A Detailed Guide On How To Square Lumber With A Table Saw 2

Saw Blade Adjustment

In addition to choosing the correct saw blade, you also have to pay attention to the height and dullness of the saw blade.

Each sawn wood panel will have a different height, so the height of the saw blade also often changes flexibly. However, make sure your saw blade is no more than 1cm above the top of the board.

You must also choose blades that are sharp and not dull. If there are signs of dullness, polish it before cutting.

Fence Adjustment

A fence is one of the most critical parts of a table saw. It is responsible for supporting precise cuts with long wooden boards. When you have a support fence, you will also feel more secure.

You should align the distance between the fence and the saw blade to the measure of the square lumber. You should measure and align correctly to avoid mistakes.

Cleaning Saw Table Tops

After completing the preparations, clear the obstacles on the saw table. Some unnecessary items can become obstacles and interrupt the cutting process.

Connecting Lumber With a Push Stick or Pushblock

A Detailed Guide On How To Square Lumber With A Table Saw 3

As mentioned above, both push stick and push block are capable of helping you cut better. You need to use a screwdriver to connect the board with one of these two tools.

Thanks to the push stick or push block during the cutting process, you will not have much dangerous contact with the saw blade. In addition, with the special construction, you will have better thrust to pass the wood panel through the saw blade effortlessly.

Start Square Lumber With Table Saw

A Detailed Guide On How To Square Lumber With A Table Saw 4Once all the steps above are done, put on your protective gear, start the chainsaw and start square lumber.

After the saw blade reaches its highest speed, use both hands to slowly push the board through the saw blade with the outline of the previous cut.

After you finish each cut, turn off the machine. Please wait for the saw blade to come to a complete stop, then pull the square lumber towards you. Next, change the position of the push stick or push lock to make the next cut.

With just a few oversimple steps, you can make your square lumber at home. Doing this is quite interesting and saves you quite a lot of money.

What Should You Do To Make Square Lumber Better?

Although the instructions above are complete and easy to follow, perhaps you still need to know a few more notes to do better. Here are some recommendations to help you get the perfect cut.

  • You should create a wooden plank with a square edge before square lumber.
  • Determine the size and position of the lumber you need.
  • Clean the saw table before cutting.
  • Only start cutting when the saw blade reaches a maximum speed.
  • Push the wood through the saw blade continuously, slowly, and steadily.
  • Do not push the wood towards the fence too much.
  • After each cut, turn off the device immediately and pull the lumber towards you.


Square lumber is an important part of many timber constructions. However, many people are concerned about its price when buying directly at the store. The most economical method is to square lumber yourself with a table saw.

With the detailed instructions provided in this article, you can confidently get the perfect cut the first time. Thanks for reading, looking for more power tool tips at

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