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Best Gifts for Daughters: Creative Ideas They’ll Love

1. A Microfiber Hair Towel

However, not just any hair towel will do the trick. You need one that looks as good as it functions – one that will dry their hair fast and look stylish in the process.

Our Turbie Twist microfiber hair towel is just the one for the job. Soft, comfortable, and the perfect fit for anybody’s head, these towels make for a super practical and novel gift idea.

The microfiber means these head towels are exceptionally absorbent. This reduces the need for blow-drying, which keeps hair healthier and softer to touch. That’s good news for anyone who wants to look and feel their best throughout the day.

2. A Shopping Trip

You might no longer know what she likes!

After all, her tastes seem to change every week. One moment she’s wearing pink and dressing like a girly-girl. The next she’s all in black and looking like something straight from a punk-metal band.

It’s often best to let your daughter choose.

Gift them a shopping trip, on the one condition that you get to go with her! Make a day of it. Go to the mall together, give her a spending limit, and have some fun trying on different outfits.

3. A Complete Set Of Her Favorite Books

Well, maybe she has a favorite set of books too. She might be obsessed with the Harry Potter franchise, hooked on the Game of Thrones series, or a major fan of the Hunger Games.

If that’s the case, then she’s sure to love getting the complete set of books to keep on her bookshelf. It’d mean no more back and forth from the library.

She’ll have them all there, ready and waiting, whenever she wants to read and re-read them.

The best part is that this gift doesn’t get old. Books are unlike something your daughter would use once and throw away, or outgrow in a few months, or get bored of as time passes.

That set of books promises to become a treasured possession; a keepsake from her childhood that she’ll carry throughout her life. Maybe, when she’s older, she’ll even hand it down to her own children!

4. A Waffle Maker

It’s just a fact of life.

Even the most difficult daughters to buy gifts for in the entire world love them.

Sure, they might still roll their eyes in faux-disappointment! But inside they’ll be thrilled to have a waffle-maker to call their own.

It’d make an awesome gift for girls of any age.

From youngsters who enjoy cooking with mom or dad to teenagers heading off to college, waffle makers are sure to go down a treat. A Waffle Maker

5. A Polaroid Camera

With a smartphone in your pocket, it’s easier than ever before to snap amazing shots. Indeed, an estimated 1.2 trillion digital photos were taken in 2017.

It’s highly likely that we’re taking even more than that three years later.

And that’s no bad thing. Learning how to capture the present moment in visual form is a real skill. It’s a creative endeavor that you can enjoy throughout life.

Does your daughter have a knack for photography?

Well, a polaroid camera would make the perfect gift. Cooler than a smartphone but just as easy to use, they’ll love the ability to print photos instantly to put on their bedroom walls.

6. A Record Player

As technology develops at a lightning-fast pace, it’s interesting how older devices often find a new lease on life.

Record players are a prime example.

Fancy Bluetooth speakers and Spotify are all the rage in some circles. But many other people have reverted back to good old-fashioned vinyl. These record players are nostalgic, hipster, and make the perfect present for the right person.

Is your daughter someone who breaks the mold and rejects the latest trends? Well, if she likes her music too, then she might love getting a vinyl record player as a gift.


7. Photo Album

But it is definitely one of the more thoughtful!

Why not assemble a photo album of pictures taken throughout your daughter’s life? Go right back to her birthday and print out the best snaps taken over the years between then and now.

Your daughter will appreciate the time and effort you put into the task. Moreover, she’ll love browsing through the book and looking at her life in photographic form. It would make a beautiful record of her life to date.

She’ll keep hold of it for years to come and feel a connection with you every time she opens it up again.


8.I Love That You are My Daughter Dish

Give her a subtle little reminder of how much she means to you with this sweet ring dish. Made from white ceramic and edged with gold, this square trinket holder comes with the words ‘I Love That You’re My Daughter’ in the bottom, with a heart in place of the apostrophe. I Love That You are My Daughter Dish


9.Mama Bear Hoodie

When you can’t be there to protect her, wrap her up in your love with this cute and comfy hoodie. Available in four light colors, the hoodie comes in five sizes from small to 2XL, and features a large spectacle-wearing hipster bear’s face on the front, with ‘Mama Bear’ across the top. Mama Bear Hoodie


10.Mulberry Silk Pillowcases Set

Treat her like the princess she is with a pair of mulberry silk pillow cases. Made from 100% natural silk, these cases not only look and feel luxurious, but they will also ensure that she wakes up with smooth, tousle-free hair and skin that’s as smooth as the fabric itself.


11.Hidrate Spark Steel Smart Water Bottle

Part of being a mom is reminding kids to make sure they are looking after themselves. This awesome bottle will ensure she drinks even when you’re not around. Made from stainless steel so drinks stay cold for up to 24 hours, the pretty LED lights glow when it’s time to take another swig.

12.To My Daughter Necklace

Body chains are definitely one of the types of jewelry that are very daring and stylish. So if you are not ready to come out of your comfort zone you’d be skeptical about wearing them. However, feel free to give them a try because they are very easy to style and fashionable when styled with your outfit to my daughter necklace here


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