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Best Gifts For Sports Fans

Best Gifts For Sports Fans

With Hanukkah already in a full swing and the Christmas shopping season heated up, it’s time to go to the mall and finish shopping your vacation.
Sports fans are difficult crowds – always need the latest gadgets and team clothes – and it is very difficult for someone who is looking for a good offer that works on a limited budget.
So, if you need a little help with your vacation shopping list, here’s a list of my main prizes that are always wise for sports fans.


The Apple iPad must be owned for sports fans – if you have a little hundred dollars to spend.
With the ability to watch NFL, NBA, MLB (and every day now, NHL) on it (subscriptions needed, of course), iPad does everything for sports fans.
You can watch, set feeds for your favorite team news, play games related to sports, check scores, and many other things just with the beat of your finger.

Adidas Jabulani soccer balls

 Best Gifts For Sports Fans

For soccer players, get the ball which caused so much controversy at the FIFA World Cup 2010, Adidas Jabulani.
The ball dips-and-dives are unexpected, and will make the perfect gift for fans of soccer among us.
The only downside: authentic version is worth $ 149.


Now you might have heard of Fathead, a high-quality lifetime sticker maker who fits on your wall.

As one owner, I can prove how good they saw and the extraordinary durability.
And for fantasy football fans, look at their dry Erase Drafe Board.

Nike + iPod

For runners – or someone who tries to get the shape as a new year resolution – I bring you a nike ipod sensor.
This traces your run, gives you feedback and synchronizes with your iPod.

Mitchell & Ness Throwback Jersey

Mitchell & Ness, so far the best manufacturer of the Jerseys Throwback, has a variety of shirts of setbacks (and other clothes) that every death will kill.
But as good as they are, they are not cheap.
As a fan of Yankees, I especially like this Babe Ruth Boston Braves Throwback to rub the face of Red Sox fans.

Nike ID shoes

Nike ID shoes are only available online, but Nikes made custom – especially in your favorite team color – is a great gift for sports fans.

Diary ticket stub

 Best Gifts For Sports Fans 1

For ancient fans who get off the sofa and go to the game, the Diary Stub ticket book is the perfect choice for preserving your biggest sports memory (and worst).

EA sports active NFL training camp (for Wii)

As seen in Chad Ochocinco ads, this Wii game allows you to simulate a number of actual exercises that participate by NFL players.
It will make you fit and make you feel like a NFL player

Official MLB Hat Era

For MLB fans, you will never be wrong with a classic 59ffification hat from the new era, the same hat using Pro.

LeBron James Jersey

 Best Gifts For Sports Fans 2

LeBron has many haters, but bandwagon fans, don’t be afraid to show your support!

Madden 11.

For video-game lovers, Royal for video games $ 59.99, the latest installment of the largest video game series of all time.
It’s worth it.

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