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Best Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Collect all the praise!

You know how you feel about your girlfriend but does he know what you really feel? Does he know what other people feel about him? To show him how important he is in the lives of others also, collect messages from the person he loves. Contact his friends, colleagues and family members. Ask them to write a small expressive note for him. Now, you can present this to him in several ways. Whether you can roll it up and put it in a glass jar (for example, a mason jar) or you can hide this note in places you know he can’t miss seeing them (for example, in his shoes or under his pillow. Et cetera). Just imagine, how surprised he was when he knew that you were not the only one who had something to say about him!

Your personal album.

Now, this might take a lot of time and some digging past. All you have to do is make a rough graph of all unforgettable dates that you visit together, starting from the day you meet. Buy an album and not only adore it with pictures, enter the map where you meet for the first time and highlight the place. Write something beautiful about the time you have spent there. Now, move in a chronological order and enter the image of all your significant dates. Add notes and things that remind you that you think must be added (for example, the first movie ticket, noted that you have exchanged et cetera). This will not only be an unconventional album but it will also be good for the preservation of the records and images. If you want, you can leave a few empty albums to give a message that you will fill it when your life together. It’s really romantic! Your personal album.

Date of dinner has never been old!

There is something about romantic candles and soft music that always rules you. The date of ancient dinner has never been old. This is a symbol of everything romantic. Plan the right romantic date. You can take it out for a date or you can plan all this at home. Dress up for this event and just go with the night flow. Delicious food, good wine, and a beautiful girl on her side will definitely make your girlfriend happy. Order his favorite food and don’t forget to dance! Not every day you go on a romantic date.


Hunt Treasure.

This might look rather teenager but then, someone’s heart shouldn’t be old. Place the clue nearby which will take it to the next instructions and so on. Now, you can decide what you want him to find at the end of the hunting. This can be a gift that you have planned to give him all or a surprise birthday party or a simple date with you. Let him feel the adrenaline rush as he did a search to find what was waiting for him in the end.

Win his friends!

Yes I know. It’s boring to watch guys play video games or discuss sports. But then, this is your girlfriend’s birthday. If that makes him happy, do it for him. Plan a party for him where he can only relax and be himself. Call the best friends and messages many pizzas along with their birthday cakes. I’m sure he will love you because it serves his needs first.

Foodie, a lot?

We all see people grasping food. And don’t you like it when he can’t stop eating the food you prepared with love for him? Yes, the road to the heart of a man is a stomach. Prepare his favorite food and call him to eat together. Eat with satisfied your heart and relax together afterwards. He won’t just appreciate your efforts but will also love you for doing this for him.

Why do you love him?

No, I don’t put this question to you and him too. But I’m sure, he will like it if you can give him a hundred reasons why you love most. Jot fell 100 reasons like that and tied them together. Be creative in your presentation. Present the final result to him with a box of chocolate and look at the smile adorn his face when he read what you had written about him.

To My Soulmate Necklace

It is effortless to layer a minimalist choker with any delicate necklaces that you have – with or without a pendant. Or, you can always purchase a pre-layered necklace that is ready to paired up with your choker to my soulmate necklace styles

First kiss.

Okay, I can guarantee that you both don’t forget your first kiss. It’s time to apply it! With help some instructions, lead your girlfriend to where you first kiss. When he got there, just kiss him! I am sure you will both live memory again.

He needs it!

Male sometimes forget. There might be a lot of things he needs but he can’t buy everything. Make a list of all the things you believe necessary and use and buy for him. Wrap them well and make Hamper for him. This will not only show him how well you know him but will also notify him how you care about him and his needs.

Make him a CD.

I know what you think. The CD is old and cliche but you can create it back with a little twist. Record all of your favorite songs and your songs as a partner. Among each song leaves a voice message just for his ear. If you have wonderful memories of some of the songs that you have listened to together, you can tell them with a voice message. If it’s not another thing, just tell him how much you love him. He will listen to the CD every day!

Love letter.

Honestly I believe that writing letters is art that is missing but doesn’t have to. There will never be a romantic like a simple expression of writing a love letter. Start writing a letter for him ten days before his birthday. One letter for every day. Jot down whatever appears in your head. Let him know what you think as his birthday is approaching. Use handmade or luxurious sheets to make them appear more romantic. He will always appreciate the letters, believe me.

Your own film.

Well, a kind of film. What you can do is make a slide show presentation from all your photos together and play his favorite songs in the background. Use the style and background of the font that is enough to make it look special. He can even save it on his cellphone and on his laptop.


Birthday is never complete without a birthday cake. Even though it is conventional to go out and buy birthday cakes, grill one or even an effort to make cakes for lovers you can take your relationship with another level. Imagine how touch your girlfriend. You can complete the entire scenario with several candles, delicious food, and lots of privacy!

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