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The Best Games of 2021

Let’s listen to the game: they help us through this mess.
If you feel the relationship with the game you have reached a new level for the past 15 months, you are not alone. Pandemic has changed us to be a children’s nation in a room, sticking quickly to our sofas and screen, avoiding human contact as difficult as possible. The game is not only a valuable way to kill time, but also makes us connect with those who can no longer see or talk directly; They are like zoom calls but with something that is really done outside secretly judging your friend’s apartment.
After all this, you might be burned in the game, especially now things start back to some normal similarities. Why play games when you can finally eat, or see live music, or drop a few in the corner bar again? It is clearly all the pursuit of a decent that you have to aim now that they might be again, but don’t forget a humble old friend who has your back along the pandemic: game. Game is your friend. Game is a friend in this metaphor. Like any good friend, the game doesn’t always like it when you are too attached or strange about things, so by all means, definitely out and do all the fun things we have sequenced for so long. But is it too much for you to stay check-in on your old friend occasionally? Especially with all the great new games that we have seen so far in 2021. There is more than enough time for you to tear the monster and blink in the lives of a dying man and still hit the cinema or local water park. Batting enclosure will still be there even if you need one hour for Ratchet & Clank. And if you have a switch, you can take Pokémon, new or old, on any travel you might do.
The game is there for you. Don’t forget now that you can return to live your life.

It takes two

The two-player co-op game requires two-worldly settings is an opportunity to be strange with the mechanics and gameplay features, which will only be flexible. Each level explores Gimmick or a series of gimmicks before driving it down for the next, so it managed to stay very fresh almost along the way. One second you play shooters and then you might play hacking and slash. I don’t want to damage my absolute favorites, but the number of ridiculous things that come together to make it happen is not lacking magic. A little of it makes sense with or without context, but also needed two buildup as videogame for videogames, and while I respect that, it means the game photographs its own story on the legs often. This game simultaneously asks you to care about this upcoming divorce and its effect on their daughter and the duties are ridiculous to drop wasps or kill jumut! This forces players to try and reconcile this unreasonable aspects, or focus on something at a time. When I achieved whatever I mentioned, I had long turned off my brain and decided to sunbathe with vibration than the story. “Empty head, no thought” is the perfect way to enjoy it takes two.-moises taveras

The One With All the Cards – Funny Party Game

The One With All the Cards – Funny Party Game

Which with all cards is a party game.
Contains 280 cards for maximum recycling.
Including a reasonable game booklet and alternative rules that don’t make sense. Cards against friends.

Retromania wrestling

Serious retromania wrestling. This is intentional respect for the WWF arcade game from the end of the 80s and the early 90s, WWF superstar and WWF Wrestlefest, which is a popular quarter-eating for the last half of the Hulkamania WWF era. Retromania does not have a WWE license, of course, but it displays two stars WrestleFest: Tim Tim the best known as Warriors Road, which appeared in WWF in the 90s as a Legion of Doom, and which was effectively the last boss in Wrestlefest. The rest of the feature list of Indie wrestling star combination, former WWE name, and two territorial stars from the 80s, Nikita Coloff and Austin Idol; Various other stars are available through DLC. It is faithful to his inspiration, with the right type of modern renewal needed to bring it to modern game standards, and must be played by anyone who becomes a wrestling game. It does not depend on nostalgia to enjoy it, but it might help. Retromania did what was stipulated to do: Rise the classic cultome wrestling game that never really has a faithful house. – Garrett Martin



With the olija all comes down to the aesthetics – the color palette is muted, silence when the character speaks, a sense of loss and overall despair that permeates the game. And the most famous, ancient visuals that look like they are from your latest Sierra games and your friends playing on your Tandy computer every afternoon after school. The Olija rooted his mystery in the past which was always far, the more forgotten, with all the warmth and sadness that implies. – Garrett Martin.


The need for driving is the heart of the genre of survival crafts, with the game often using scarcity as a motivation for players. Valheim left this design completely, instead of promoting players to share their resources with each other for all repairs. In a genre that is so often blocking individualism, refreshing to play a game that is fine and discredit the practice. Tilting on ideas loaned by Terraria, Valhim has created a survival game that has rewriting genre rules for the better. – Nicolas Perez

Pokémon snap new

New Pokémon Snap

Nintendo calms the theme of your game playground by photographing Pokémon in their natural habitat. Think of it as a on-rails shooter, but with a camera, not a gun; You will move slowly along the path set throughout a different environment, trying to capture each adorable Critter in the most interesting pose. Don’t worry about taking good photos – just focus on making every animal in the middle of a shot, as big as possible, and ideally look directly at you or do something funny or funny. The new Pokémon snap is a peaceful sightseeing into a fantasyland videogame full of adorable animals and without any obstacles. In other words, this is the perfect game for the final pandemic. Garrett Martin


Not a little aimed at Super Mario 3D World, but this game is only on the list because Fury Bowser, a new 3D Mario adventure bundled with the Rerelease of the Wii U game Fury Bowser has a striking game design decision that will keep it away from the list of the best Mario games – After a certain point that the sequence of repeated boss battles into absolute obstacles – but if not, a fantastic 3D platformer pleases the experiment with a classic Mario formula. It feels like a rough draft for a full-scale Mario match in the future, which makes it one of the more interesting entries in endless series. Although less polished than you expect from Mario which is usually pure, it is still a very compiled game that is more than just playing. – Garrett Martin



Milaun’s biggest strength is the source material, Swiss folklore. Format, which depends on the breakdown of exploration and puzzle, is not too innovative, but the story is facilitated is Cryptic and is quite interesting to provide momentum. The pacing was also strongly supported by how well the game brings together exploration and the script, balancing both smoothly so that the events strangely united in a way that feels like. The darker moments don’t feel synonymically forced on players, but that they are something that happens in – or with them. Visual, for example, often plays on light and shadows in a way that depends on the position of players in the room to advance the scene. Style-wise, black and white schemes, often used in similar games to soften the rough visual edge (think 2014’s betrayer), combined with hand sketch texture (reminiscent of disturbed from behind in 2016), arousing folksiness from children’s story books but Channel sparsity gloomy that supports the theme well. – Holly Green

Knockout City

Multiplayer Dodgeball Game Knockout City is an absolute explosion to be picked up and played. It’s not expensive to boot and simple to be followed, making it very less than the task to enter, have fun with one or two hours, and jump backwards unlike most game services. There is a pleasant style and see it which makes everything more inviting, and the mechanics are quite solid to be mastered so that I feel settled back to practice. Straight, it’s also fun to play something that isn’t so gloomy or serious, making Knockout City successful in my eyes. – Moises Taveras.

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village tried hard to instill an unpleasant atmosphere with a strange downflow of light – there was a lot of fear, as in the early times Regident Evil 7, but there was a goofiness layer that was added seriously cutting tension. I love it. Resident Evil is always ridiculous; Horror games are generally filled with full of cheese and crazy situations, from UFOs in Silent Hill to Dork dialogue. Something about allowing the audience to participate in the horror directly through controlling the victim of the game center creates a funny, intentional or vice versa moment. I will always remember unfortunately first time I play aliens: isolation with a friend and learn in a difficult way that you are actually unsafe when crawling in a wind hole. Horror comedy, which comes from inconsistencies in the tone and choice that is questioned No human will be made, is an integral element that is not well known. When I remember the horror film, I had to laugh about my naive experience sitting past it. I had to be eager to scare my friends with it, to grin when they jumped out of their seats. – Austin Jones.

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